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Video conference directly with one of our Pediatricians.

From your laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

Book Online Pediatric Care

Medical Health 360 is a support system specially designed for pediatricians to provide virtual care for kids through telemedicine. Our primary aim is to improve the safety of child healthcare by providing easily accessible vital medical information and consultation.

Available Anytime and Anywhere

This digital resource provides immediate access to clinically assured information anytime and anywhere on smartphone devices (both iOS and Android), desktop, laptops, tablets, etc. Get quick access to online pediatric care for any critical information.

What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a technological tool that was initially designed to treat people who were living far away from local health facilities or facing shortages of medical professionals. With the advancement of technology, it has become a convenient tool for improving the health of children and busy adults around the world by providing essential medical care online.

It is used by pediatricians and doctors to educate physicians and patients, deliver online inpatient and outpatient pediatric care, conduct various medical research.

The Benefit of Online Pediatric Care

There are several benefits over traditional health care, that parents and children can leverage.

  • Faster refill of short-term prescriptions

  • Easy post-treatment follow up for pre-existing or long-term illness

  • Inquiries about several medical problems for home treatments

  • Easy analyses of common medical issues such as common colds, minor injuries, etc.

  • Easy access in urgent situations, late-night, weekends, and holidays when regular medical care is not available

  • When a patient is unable to visit the hospital due to sickness or bad weather conditions

Get in touch with us to schedule online appointments or request an on-demand online pediatric doctor visit.

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