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Pediatric Urgent Care - Infant Sleep Specialist - Parenting & Child Developement - Pediatric Weight Management

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Basic Infant Care & Antenatal

Care for Mother and Baby. Learn what to expect from your 1st pediatric visit to breastfeeding difficulties to your basic baby-care needs. 

Virtual Care for Kids

See All the Services We Provide

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Common Cold and More

Viral infections, the Flu, earache, sore throat, sinus, seasonal allergies, or pink eye.

Woman in Pain

Stomach and Urinary

Concerns about urinary issues, menstrual pain, diarrhea, constipation and more.

First Aid

Minor Injuries

Evaluation of abrasions, 

small burns and

other minor injuries.

Baby Sleeping

Baby and Toddler Sleep Program

Is your baby or toddler not sleeping through the night?

Pediatrician approved techniques customized for your child.

Children's Race

Weight Management


Pediatrician approved weight management plans.

Concerning weight loss or weight gain. BMI and comorbidity screening with weight-related issues.

Girl in Pharmacy

Medication Prescription Service

When needed,

we will send prescriptions over to your pharmacy.

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Basic Infant Care & Antenatal

Care for Mother & Baby.

Learn what to expect from your 1st pediatric visit to breastfeeding difficulties & all your basic baby-care  needs

Smiling Baby


We can diagnose and treat rashes, eczema, lice, pinworms, acne, and warts. Make recommendations on hypoallergic skin products.

Children Meditating

Parenting & Child Development

Positive parenting. 

Development at each stage of your child's life.

Currently accepting new patients, residents of New York via telemedicine.

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