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An Expert Guide To Virtual Pediatrics: Telemedicine

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

While the world is coping up with the Covid-19 outbreak, this pandemic has tangled nearly every section of society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unprecedented changes in the world of medicine, making pediatrics telemedicine much more feasible than ever before.

In the current situation, telehealth has helped to keep your child’s health and overall development on track.

But what it all means and how it works?

Let’s take a tour of the virtual pediatrics telemedicine to get a better insight:

What is virtual pediatrics visit?

Thanks to the latest innovations in telemedicine, you can visit your pediatrician online. Providing virtual care for kids is convenient for you, and your child without making a trip to the clinic.

This involves consultation, health check, or sickness visit with a pediatrician via video conferencing, or over the phone.

Pediatricians can even diagnose and provide treatment via online consultation. This all includes a typical model of telemedicine.

How telemedicine benefits pediatric care?

In the current crisis, telemedicine has bridged the gap between pediatricians and parents. There are various ways by which telemedicine can benefit pediatric care:

  • Keeps your kids protected against common infections;

  • Easy access to the best pediatricians near your home;

  • Prompt diagnosis of many health conditions that need immediate supervision;

  • Easy accessibility to many healthcare services such as dental;

  • Correctly diagnose and treat your child's condition;

  • A detailed examination of your child’s health sitting miles away;

  • Parents can even ask questions to prevent potential health emergencies;

  • Lowers health care costs.

What are the various telehealth services for children?

Pediatric doctors provide a broad range of telehealth services including:

  • Teleconsultation: Through teleconsultation, pediatricians create a link between patients under their care and experts located in distant medical centers.

  • Telepractice: Some of the benefits include personal care for children, lower health costs, less crowding in emergency departments, and more.

  • Telesearch: It involves the circulation of translational research from the academic center to primary care physicians.

Above all, pediatricians can discuss and help with conditions like:

  • Fever

  • Asthma and respiratory illnesses

  • Minor fractures or cuts

  • Ear, nose, or throat infections, and many more.

Which equipment do we need to set up telemedicine?

You’ve scheduled a virtual visit. Now what all you need to render seamless services?

Some of the equipment required include

  • Good internet connection: Make sure to have a strong WiFi connection to avoid any disturbance during the medical consultation online.

  • Earbuds: Top-quality ear-buds to hear the healthcare provider properly.

  • Webcam: A good quality video will help an online pediatric doctor to examine your child carefully.

  • Flashlight: This will give your doctor a clear view of the throat in case your child has a mouth problem.

  • Sound system: Check the quality of the sound of a microphone or speakers on your laptop and mobile phone.

Above all, conduct your online visit in a noise-proof area to avoid any sort of disturbance.

Make all the arrangements before you connect with your doctor online.

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